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IMPORTANT CJSA e-Travel System Notes: With the use of the online e-travel notification system, rosters are no longer required for initial approval of the travel permit, however, the Certified Roster (PDF) being used for travel or game participation must be faxed to the CJSA Office with the event name listed on top. Teams traveling to US Youth Soccer Tournaments, outside of Region 1 or traveling to New Jersey State Youth Soccer Association events are still required to provide a copy of their approved travel permit, approved league roster and their guest player roster to the tournament director. Your team may not be able to participate in a tournament unless you have all of these forms. CJSA teams do not need permission to travel to a CJSA sanctioned tournament. CJSA teams wishing to have CJSA insurance in effect must provide prior notification for: 1) Travel outside of Connecticut for games, scrimmages or tournaments; 2) Participation in games, scrimmages or tournaments against non US Youth Soccer affiliated teams. Before selecting E-Travel, check with the tournament/event director to ensure they accept E-Travel forms.


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